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Islamic Academy of San Antonio

Tarbiya Goal

The goal of the Tarbiya program is to implement and instil deeper Islamic knowledge in our students . It seeks to plant the seed of Tawheed in the heart and mind of each student, so that they may form a solid foundation in their belief.

Tarbiya Mission

The mission of the Tarbiya program is to turn the school’s vision into goals for each individual student. That is to instil in them Interpersonal, Social and Cultural literacy. The vision of our school is to prepare our students to be:

Committed, Balanced Muslims
Student knows Allah and therefore, will be committed to seek his pleasure and all they do. Thus, the student will strive for success and balance in ibaadah and education.
Knowledgeable Scholars
Student memorizes Quranic verses and Hadeeth of each theme, understand its meaning and practice what they learn.
Contributing Citizens
Students understand their roles and responsibilities as citizens of their State and country and strive to make a difference.
Community Builders
Student is able to point out the importance and reward of charity and stewardship and therefore strives to make a difference in the community and around the world in order to reap the reward from Allah.

Tarbiya Components

To achieve this, the Tarbiya program will use the following ways of delivery:
  • Quranic verses
  • Ahadeeth of the Prophet
  • Examples of the Sahabah
  • Stories of the Prophets
  • Student presentations
  • Short skits and plays

Assignments: Each subject teacher will be given weekly assignments for their students which coincides with their subject area. The assignments will be within the perimeters of the theme and the character trait of the month. teachers will give the students their assignments and the students will complete their assignments at school or at home for homework.Classes will take turns to present their assignments during morning assembly.

Every wednesday students will meet at the assembly hall after salah for presentations, skits, informative videos. In addition to all that students will also practice their hadeeth and the ayah of the week will reinforce what they are learning in that particular month.

On the authority of Jurthum bin Nashir (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

Verily Allah the Almighty has laid down religious obligations (fara'id), so do not neglect them. He has set boundaries, so do not overstep them. He has prohibited some things, so do not violate them; about some things He was silent, out of compassion for you, not forgetfulness, so seek not after them.