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Islamic Academy of San Antonio


The mission of the Islamic Academy of San Antonio is "to provide our children with an environment enabling them to achieve their highest potential, founded on Islamic morals, scholastic excellence, and good citizenship."

Our Profile

IASA is a nonprofit, educational organization that has engaged in its due diligence to offer curricula, programs and activities that enhance the students overall learning experience. IASA utilizes a Differentiated Curriculum that allows for each student to be taught at the level that is most conducive to his or her personal educational achievement. The Differentiated Curriculum is paired with Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences and an accelerated Scope and Sequence for core subjects such as math, language arts, science and social studies.


IASA has a strong collaborative partnership with local resources including Region 20 Education Service Center and the Northside Independent School District (NISD). IASA staff attends Region 20 Education Service Center and NISD professional development programs and workshops that are focused on improved teaching techniques and the development of new skills. This allows for IASA staff to remain comparable in skill level to teaching staff at other non-private primary and secondary institutions. Funding will also be focused on providing more in-depth training opportunities for the IASA teaching staff resulting in a better and more effectively developed team. 

On the authority of Jurthum bin Nashir (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said:

Verily Allah the Almighty has laid down religious obligations (fara'id), so do not neglect them. He has set boundaries, so do not overstep them. He has prohibited some things, so do not violate them; about some things He was silent, out of compassion for you, not forgetfulness, so seek not after them.